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Program Benefits

Read more about the R.E.A.L Program here

$100,000 equity investment

Get the cash and training you need to take your startup to the next level.


Participants get bi-weekly lessons for both company and individuals. Topics include customer ideation, product positioning, pricing, intellectual property rights, marketing and sales funnels, international manufacturing, creating and using financial statements, HR, operations management, branding, social media and advertising, and more.


Learn how to take advantage of marketing strategies like using social media, to market your products. Our faculty has the expertise to aid your team into profitable endeavors.

MENTORS from leading global technology companies

Highly experienced mentors from vast backgrounds, with major entrepreneurial and startup venture experience are available to all participants who join the program. A local Executive-in-Residence is also dedicated in mentoring each company.

OFFice space at rnox reno headquarters

Collegiate atmosphere in a first-class office environment with first-class connected technology.


Enjoy trips to Reno/Tahoe areas to participate in company bonding, workshop and seminar exercises.

Pitch day

Pitch Day concludes the program and guarantees one-on-one conversations with venture capitalists and funders.

Spring & Fall classes

Two programs per year, available during the spring and fall. Small class sizes maxed at 5 companies per class ensures you'll get the attention and mentorship you'll need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have formed, or incorporate my company yet?

No, as RNOX will also help to create, capitalize, and incorporate the business, and issue the applicable shares to get things structured right.  If your company is already formed, that is also fine. However, the investment made by RNOX must fit within the focus area and capital structure/terms in the program.  So some recapitalization or restructuring of the company may be required.

Where can I learn more about Reno and Nevada in general?

There are several areas to hear more about Reno, Nevada, and what the region has to offer.  We recommend looking at EDAWN (The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada), and The Nevada Governors Economic Office of Economic Development ( as great sources of information.

When is the Demo Day event?

For every class of companies graduating thought the program, we will have an awesome Demo Day where investors, partners, and other key-value collaborators can hear about the company.  Our goal is simple, make our companies successful. And these can help get that done. The specific dates will vary, but one per class.

Does every company get its own office/space?

YES!  Every company accepted into the accelerator has a dedicated office area/section (called their acceleration capsule).  It is akin to a large private office and should have enough space for you and your team to operate effectively and efficiently.

Are companies required to be at the RNOX facility during the program?

Yes, all companies must have at least 2-3 of the personnel there, and will fundamentally make the RNOX facility their dedicated working space during the program.

How long is the program?

The REAL program is a 16 Week program, broken up into 8 two week focused modules on the key subject matter and material.  These modules run concurrent, so is a full 16-week program.