Accelerating the Next — Not just a tagline, it is our reason for being.

From our Founder, and Executive Chairman – Shaunt M. Sarkissian

The focus for any startup founder and entrepreneur is to innovate, create, and succeed in their mission. To become “the Next” multibillion-dollar company, to change the world by impacting industries – and creating new ones – while adding value to everyone across the board, is the mission of our companies, and accelerating that mission is ours.

When we founded RNOX, it was a vision of accelerating another “Next” – the next regional technology powerhouse of Nevada 2.0. Nevada, and the Reno region, are in a rapid stage of accelerated growth. And by creating RNOX, we have finally created a place where leading-edge global startups (not just the large, multinationals relocating here) can take advantage of this change, and they can found their companies in a new leading region with all of the components to ensure their success.  

We judge our success by the success of our companies. You are the mission, and you are the metric. And we will arm you with key components you need to accelerate towards your inevitable success. 

RNOX focuses on the acceleration of innovative new tech startups.

Lead by a seasoned team with over 85+ years of combined technology and operational experience, we will bring the focus and resources to the mission to get things done. 

The Team

Shaunt Sarkissian

Founder, and Executive Chairman

Highly Seasoned Technology and Identity Payments Executive and Entrepreneur. Founder of multiple successful companies.

Vahe Sarkissian

Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of EIR Program

Former Chairman, CEO of FEI Company (Nasdaq:FEIC). Multiple board roles and Sr. Executive leadership across tech operations.

Cameron Crain

Co-Founder, VP of Marketing and Investor Relations

Seasoned regional marketing and investor development executive. Experience in key aspects of funding and financial operations.

Juston Berg

VP, Head of Entrepreneurial Development

Veteran technology operations and product leader.  Multiple Sr. roles at both larger tech companies, and smaller startups (Microsoft, Blockchains).

David Campbell

VP, Global Head of Professional Services

Experienced CTO and Engineering leader for multiple private and public companies. Worldwide management of cross-functional teams.

Claude Sapp

CFO, Head of Corporate Development

Global CFO/COO. Decades of experience national and international leadership and advisory experience in corporate information, technology, finance and private equity. 

Nareg Aghjayan

Program Coordinator

Experienced manager for properties, operations and investment portfolios. Worked with the White House and federal agencies to develop policies for energy efficiency.